• Days of Cyprius Culture in Italy 2014

    The Association of Cypriots in Italy NIMA, with the support of Cyprus’ MPI, in collaboration with the Embassy of Cyprus in Italy, Roma District II and District of Aglantzià (Nicosia-Cyprus) – included in the program of the international relationships bethween Italy and Cyprus – presents the VII edition of the Days of Cyprus Culture in Italy 2014: “ITALY – CYPRUS, FINE ARTS AND MUSIC CREATIVITY” (Rome, Oct. 1-15). Info e programma su: www.associazioneciprioti.it

  • Farmer Apulia at Triggiano

    Opens on September  27 in Triggiano (Palazzo Pontrelli), the exhibit “Puglia Contadina”, part of the project realized in Rome by Archeoclub d’Italia of Altamura for Cerealia 2014. The event will also include a conference and testing of food. This is the first step of a tour which will reach different cities in Apulia: on October 23-26 it will be set in the Municipal Archeological Museum of Rutigliano.

  • Feast of the threshing at Capannelle

    Feast of the threshing at Capannelle: from the ear to the plate!! September 21, Farmer’s Market Capannnelle (square inside Capannelle). A special Sunday from 8:00 to 18:00 together also with Cerealia. Food tastings, workshops and photo exhibition. Info: 389 8830642, info@mercatocontadino.org


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