• Cerealia at Matera for the MenSALe

    Cerealia will be one of the case history discussed at the international congress “… come sa di sale lo pane altrui. Il pane di Matera e i pani del Mediterraneo”, Matera, September 5-7 2014, Mediateca and Archeological National Museum “Domenico Ridola”, event included in MenSALe project.


  • Extraction Cerealia’s questionnaire 2014

    There is time till September 30 to fill in the Cerealia’s questionnaire 2014. Down load it here and send it by email to the organizer of the festival. You could collaborate in this way to the GustoLab Institute’s research program and  be selected to winn a festival’s t-shirt or shopper.

  • Idi Adrianensi 2014

    On 12-13-14 September 2014 will be held in Tivoli the X  edition of IDI ADRIANENSI. The program of the event this year is twinned with Cerealia. Locations are: Amphitheatre of Bleso, Stables Estensi and Garibaldi Square. It will be held the second edition of Market Hercules Victor, conferences, religious rites in honor of Ceres and the Ludi Magni dedicated to Jupiter, gladiatorial games and historical and performances and the traditional parade.

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