• 56 Feast of the Spadona pear

    Castel Madama, July 19 to 20, 2014. Cerealia participates as a case history at the conference: Protection and enhancement of the “Pera Spadona” Castel Madama and the “Pizzutello” Tivoli. What opportunities? Orsini Castle, Baronial Hall. Free admission (hours 15:00 to 19:30)

  • Extraction Cerealia’s questionnaire 2014

    Extracted the winner of the Cerealia’s questionnaire 2014: the prize was not requested. A new draw will be on July 20. Thank you for filling out the Cerealia’s questionnaire.

  • Idi Adrianensi 2014

    On 12-13-14 September 2014 will be held in Tivoli the X  edition of IDI ADRIANENSI. The program of the event, which this year is twinned with Cerealia is being defined. Locations will be the same as last year: Amphitheatre of Bleso, Stables Estensi and Garibaldi Square. It will be held the second edition of Market Hercules Victor, conferences, religious rites in honor of Ceres and the Ludi Magni dedicated to Jupiter, gladiatorial games and historical and performances and the traditional parade.


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