The seeds of the future


Food and environmental education for young people

in collaboration with ODA – Rotary Club Cassia – GI & ME Association

On the occasion of its 10th edition the Cerealia Festival intends to offer to schools  (from primary to secondary) the opportunity to develop a creative project on the guiding theme of the festival “Seeds of the future: food and environmental education of young people “. The aim of this contest is to stimulate good practices of active citizenship with respect to culture, sustainablility of the food chain and attention to the environment, to face the challenges of the future. In particular, Festival’s promoters want that young people and children reflect on how the media (including social) and business system (production-transformation-distribution) deal with environmental and food issues, how these two systems communicate with respect to sensitive contents (education / food / environment), stimulating the critical analysis of the students. The projects developed by individual students or by a class in a collective form, will constitute a useful tool for the dialogue and reflection started since 2018 by the ODA (Observatory on Dialogue in the Agri-food sector) and will contribute to activating concrete actions within the different Festival’s stakeholders.

The proposed analysis system will be supported with tools made available by the United Nations 2030 Agenda (17 SDGs), by the European Union and by the various Italian Ministries involved in these issues (Education, Health, Environment, Agriculture). The project will focus on the following image:


WHAT TO DOchoose a topic that interests you (in the food or environmental field). Evaluates and analyzes how the world of business and / or media (including social) communicate it to the public. Propose a critical analysis of the communication strategies activated and / or your idea of a different way of communicating the chosen theme. Realize your innovative proposal (idea or analysis) through a work on the chosen theme with the help of traditional and new forms of creative expression (posters, collages, photos, infographics, short videos, drawings, comics).

Schools and teachers interested in participating will receive the educational / training kit writing an email to to develop their project in class with the students. The kit, prepared by the Cerealia’s festival team, contains useful tools and will constitute a didactic-scientific support. Cerealia Festival’s team will make a remote tutoring service available to participating schools, with the possibility of organizing meetings with experts (on request and only in Rome). The projects created by the students (one per class) must be sent to Cerealia Festival by 31 May 2021. Projects and list of participating schools will be announced to the media at the Cerealia Festival press conference in Rome on June 2021. The projects sent by the schools will be presented to the public in Rome during the 10° Cerealia Festival. All submissions will be uploaded subsequently on the Cerealia Festival Youtube channel in link with the ODA website. Schools wishing to participate to this contest can also request the kit by writing an email to: The Observatory on Dialogue in the Agri-food sector was started in the first months of 2018 by FIDAF-Italian Federation of Agronomists and Foresters, Passinsieme association, Festival Cerealia network and by a group of researchers, teachers and operators interested in the dynamics underway in the sector agribusiness. The aim is to promote a collective reflection process on the relationships between science and society by involving all stakeholders in the food system, knowledge builders, economic operators, knowledge brokers, decision makers, civil society.