Dissemination and Promotion Activities of the Cerealia Festival

- Partecipation at the Mapping of Festivals with Focus on Transformative Power of Art > Call for sharing initiative, research commissioned by Drosos Foundation to create an inventory of festivals or other cultural events that showcase, discuss and/or promote creativity as a vehicle for social change, among European Festival and colleagues from MENA (Middle East and North Africa) – (18 July 2020)

Appia Antica Regina Viarum, on the occasion of the European Days of Archeology and the European Music Day, walks itineraries with dramatized narratives in collaboration with the Territory Club of Rome of the TCI, Roma150 Committee, Pontieri del Dialogo, Archeoclub of Italy – Southern Etruria (20 and 21 June 2020) #ArcheoCerealia | #ArcheoItinera Webinar, 4 digital meetings organized by the archaeologist Alessandra Pignotti: Pane Amore e Antropologia, Cereals in art: “Eating with the Eyes making art with Food“, Cereals and Planets, Contaminations from the Mediterranean: cereals and their derivatives (9 June – 30 June 2020) Forum on Interreligious and intercultural dialogue in Italy: challenges and perspectives, Cerealia case history. Organized by the Extraordinary Commission for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights and Religion & Security Council, Rome Senate of the Republic (15 Nov. 2019) - Food is life (Cibo è vita), conference organized by the Società Umanitaria sede di Roma in collaboration with the Cerealia Festival Network, with the patronage of FIDAF and ASVIs. Conference accredited for the professional training of journalists (Rome, Società Umanitaria,30 Oct. 2019) - Cerealia Festival. A cultural bridge in the Mediterranean area, international meeting. The members of the Anna Lindh Foundation meet in Rome to revitalize Euro-Med cooperation by presenting four projects and a high-level event in Ponza (Rome, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, 15 Oct. 2019) European Archeology Days, Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, workshops on food and trade in ancient Rome (15-16 June 2019), in collaboration with Arkeos Shop, Legio II Parthica, Mos Majorum 5th workshop organized by the Observatory on the Agri-Food Dialogue: The relations between knowledge, politics and economy at the Rome National Research Council (CNR, 29 May 2019) - The Mediterranen that Unites / EPHESO Award 2019, organized by RIDE-APS at the Music Conservatory S. Pietro a Majella, Naples (21 May 2019) -  Talk show for the Sustainable Development Festival 2019: Science and public opinion facing complexity: the SDGs as useful instruments for the citizens, organized by FIDAF, Rome (16 May 2019) 4th workshop organized by the Observatory on the Agri-Food Dialogue: The influence of knowledge on public decisions, at INSOR, Rome (7 May 2019) 3th workshop organized by the Observatory on the Agri-Food Dialogue: Effects of knowledge on individual behaviour, at UNINT, Rome (27 March 2019) 2nd workshop organized by the Observatory on the Agri-Food Dialogue: From information to the use of knowledge, at INSOR, Rome (26 February 2019) 1st workshop organized by the Observatory on the Agri-Food Dialogue: The common knowledge heritage, at Progetto Saperi&Co, University Sapienza, Rome (18 December 2018) Event Cultural and Agricultural Heritage: Challenges and New Balance between Land Identity, Environment and Economy (conference and performance), produced in cooperation with the Municipality of Bojano at Palazzo Colagrosso of Bojano (CB) (5 August 2018) Events at Eataly Roma in cooperation with Vinicibando (May and June 2018) – Conference Prodotto topico del Lazio, patrimonio inestimabile: proposte, valorizzazione e marketing nell’anno dedicato al Cibo Italiano nel mondo, with the patronage of the Municipality of Anguillara Sabazia and Lazio Region, organized by Terra Tricolore association in Anguillara Sabazia (16 June 2018) – Conference Nuove frontiere per il turismo enogastronomico. In nome del pane e dell’olio di oliva, organized by the “Master Linguaggi del Turismo e Comunicazione interculturale” in collaboration with “Diomeda Centro Studi e Ricerche e Progettazione” at Università Roma Tre, Rome (31 May 2018) – Round table Il valore delle biodiversità agroalimentari tra eticità dei consumi ed economie della sostenibilità for the “World Biodiversity Day” at Fattoria Sociale Tenuta la Mistica (22 May 2018) Events for the Festa del Pane IGP of Genzano di Roma (16-17 Sept. 2017) L’Orto del Pellegrino. Cerealia is partner of the cultural-educational project of the herb garden in the historic center of Velletri created by the association FARE-edutainment. The project has been awarded with the CIVITA’s brand “La Bisaccia del Pellegrino” for the promotion of Via Francigena. Library fund of the Cerealia Festival within the Giuseppe Medici Library of the INSOR (National Institute of Rural Sociology) in Rome. Inserted in the SBN Polo of the Cultural Institutes of Rome (www.istituticulturalitaliani.it / www.sbn.it / biblioteca@insor.eu / 06 68 88 888). La Festa del Pane. Event organized in collaboration with the Mercato Contadino Castelli Romani (Rome, Sept. 25 2016). Il Pane l’illustre (s)conosciuto, first conference on nutrition, nutraceutica and gastronomy (Genzano di Roma, Sept. 18 2016). Competition of Dolce Bajocco 2016. Cerealia’s artistic director served on the jury (Albano Laziale, Sept. 11 2016 Giubilieum of Universities / Jubilaeum Exhibition. Cerealia was partner of the event (Rome, Palazzo Ferrajoli, Sept. 6-11 2016). AgriCultura dei Lepini. Cerealia’s artistic director was speaker in the conference (Castello Colonna of Patrica, Sept. 2-4 2016).  Festival of Mediterranean diet in Hvar-Croatia. Performances Nunc est bibendum! and I colori del cibo (Svirče 4 July – Stari Grad 5 July 2016). – Case history presented at the master’s program in Cultura dell’alimentazione e delle tradizioni enogastronomiche, University of Tor Vergata, Faculty of Literature and Philosophy (7 May 2016). -  Mention of the Festival in the English pubblication of European Festival Association (EFA) Europe for Festivals Festivals for Europe. The Guide 2015-2016, Lannoo Publishers, 2015. -  ViniCibando. VII Wine and food exhibition. Performance Rosso pomodoro (Gaeta, nov. 2015). -  Taccuini del Lazio. Gustare il paesaggio. Project winner of Arsial/Lazio Expo 2015. A fascinating journey in four stages to discover the evolution of the table, from antiquity to the present day (Oct. 4 Farfa Abbey / Oct. 11 Villa of Domiziano, Circeo / Oct. 18 Farnese Palace, Caprarola / Oct. 31 Castel of Ceri). Project surveyed and admitted to voting for the Italive Award 2015-The Live Territory. Available online in e-book format. Il Giardino di Cerealia: Culture, Environment, Sustainability. Città dell’Altra Economia, Ex Mattatonio, Rome. Event dedicated to the FAO International Year of Soils 2015, in collaboration with FIDAF (26 set. 2015).Ostia antica la “Bocca di Roma”. Ostia Antica and Ostia Farmers’ Market. Cerealia event on the occasion of International Day of Tourism, in collaboration with the Legio II Parthica and Campagna Amica Foundation. Guided tour, performance, tasting of street foods of ancient Rome (27 Sept. 2015) -  Case history at the workshop Antropologia del cibo, deontologia della comunicazione agroalimentare recommended for the continuing professional training of journalists, organized by the Agroalimentare in rosa in collaboration with the Romana Press Association section of Latina (Prossedi, Palazzo Baronale, 13 Sept. 2015). – Cerealia sull’isola di Hvar. Event (performance and exhibition of ancient Rome breads) hosted by the Municipality of Stari Grad, Croatia (1-3 Sept. 2015). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoUSm35arS8Eco-giocando. workshops for children age 4 to 10 years, at the Festa dell’Unità of Rome (Parco delle Valli, Rome 2 – 28 July 2015). -  La donna e i Cereali. I semi della vita. Event at Milano Expo 2015 Pavilion Coldiretti, week dedicated to Lazio, in collaboration with the Embassy of Croatia in Italy (12 July 2015). – Musica, mondo contadino e riti agrari. Ricerca comparata tra le fonti del Lazio e in Italia. Cerealia’s artistic director was speaker at the International conference “Il Cibo e il Sacro (Velletri, 7-11 July 2015). –  Festival supported in the pubblication La civiltà del grano nella Daunia. Dal Neolitico ai giorni nostri by Savino Defacendis (CRA-CER Foggia, 2015). -  Partner and guest at the Open Air Expo 2015 (Forte Marghera, 17-19 April 2015) (http://www.openairexpo.eu). -  Case history at the meeting of the Mediterranean countries partecipating in the European project HERA Tourism of Adriatic Heritage, La Rotta dei Fenici, University of Rimini (24 – 25 March 2015). -  Case history and thematic workshop for the project Alimentiamo del FTS Lazio – Regione Lazio (Rome, 2015). -  Photo by Alexander di Cresce per Cerealia 2013 (the Bocca della Verità) selected to represent JUNE in the Intercultural Calendar for Peace 2015, realized by Associazione InformaGiovani di Palermo, with the Support of the Municipality of Palermo. Calendar in digital and print formats: www.peace-calendar.org – Free family kitchen workshops “Cereali & Co. – Roma incontra il Mondo in collaboration with the association Naturalmente Roma Onlus and Lo Sfizio. Eight workshops, from November 2014 to July 2015 with the aim of comparing Italian traditional recipes to those of other world cultures, providing nutrition education and advising on the choice of quality ingredients. -  ViniCibando. VI Wine and food exhibition organized by Agroalimentare in rosa. Presentation of the art book Cake and artistic performance I colori del cibo (Gaeta, 21-23 Nov. 2014). -  Organizer together with Fondazione Umanitaria of Rome of Food Security Day, included in the Salone del Cibo Sicuro (Milan, Rome, Naple), ed. 2014 and 2015 (http://www.salonecibosicuro.it/) -  Case history presented at the workshop Food & Co., at the master’s program in Economy and Management of Communication and Media University Roma Tor Vergata (ed. 2013, 2014). – Case history presented at the master’s program in Management Culturale dello IED Roma (ed. 2014) -  Case history presented at the International Conference in Matera Come sa di sale lo pane altrui, European Project MenSALe (5 -7 Sept. 2014). – Finalist at the 2014 Video Contest Kublai, DPS -  Among the festival winners of Kadmusart Year in Review, photo contest that included 156 contry participants from around the world (ed. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014). -  Partecipation at Cibi d’Italia by Coldiretti and Fondazione Campagna Amica (Circo Massimo, 27-30 Sept. 2012).