Support the festival

Support the festival

The festival intends to promote the sharing of common challenges at the level of regional clusters among peoples overlooking the Mediterranean sea, stimulating the development of sustainable circular economy models and promoting the 17 SDGs of the UN 2030 Agenda, with a participatory bottom-up approach, which enhances the demands and skills of civil society, respecting and safeguarding of the Mediterranean eco system.

Supporting the festival means becoming an active part of a project that spreads the awareness on the value of land and of indigenous cultures, to renew ties between areas producing grains and consumers, and to revitalize customs based on the respect for the earth and its bounty, promotes cultural and scientific dissemination activities for citizens of all ages, cultures and social backgrounds.

The Cerealia festival does not receive contributions from public or private entities on an ongoing basis, but is supported through the commitment of its organizers and promoters, through shared planning.
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