The Observatory on Dialogue in the Agri-food sector

About us: the Observatory on Dialogue in the Agri-food sector

The Observatory was launched in early 2018 by FIDAF, the Cerealia Festival Network and association Passinsieme, together with a group of researchers, professors and operators interested in the dynamics underway in the agri-food sector. The goal is to promote a process of collective reflection on the relationships between science and society, involving all the stakeholders of the food system, ie knowledge builders, economic operators, knowledge mediators, decision makers, civil society.

Between December 2018 and May 2019, 5 workshops were scheduled to consolidate the participated path started on 8 June 2018 at the Botanical Garden of Rome as part of the Cerealia Festival. Objective: to identify possible shared paths to enhance and use all the wealth of knowledge, both academic and traditional, for the common good. All the meetings are participatory and conducted by a professional facilitator. On 7 June 2019 the second plenary session of the Observatory will take place, to summarize the 5 meetings and plan activities for the future. For further information, join the Observatory and download work material, go to the following site:

Posters of the workshops

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