The Fest of Grains 2019

Past editions: The Fest of Grains 2019

“Ethics on the plate: food, health, environment“
Regions involved: Campania, Lazio, Lombardy, Puglia, Sicily

The ninth edition of the festival took place from 6 to 9 June, anticipated by events between Sicily and the Castelli Romani, and then spread with other initiatives between Lazio, Puglia, Sicily and Lombardy. If the cereal chosen for this edition was spelled, the oldest wheat cultivated, sustainability and circular economy have inspired the 2019 theme, ‘Ethics on the plate. Food, health and the environment’: an analytical focus on how behaviors and lifestyles affect the territory and also the health of humans and animals, as well as the quality of the environment in which we live. Tunisia was the host country: in collaboration with the Embassy of Tunisia in Italy, a whole day (June 9) was organized at the Wegil in Rome dedicated to the culture of this country, which since ancient times has deep ties with Italy. At Wegil took place professional B2B meetings, activities open to the public such seminars, taste workshops, performances and food tastings, in order to enhance Tunisian gastronomy excellence and stimulate cultural and commercial exchanges between the two countries. The overall program of the Festival was rich and articulated, confirming its spread structure with events in various places in the capital and in other Italian cities, including Palermo, Tarquinia, Milan. The program also included events to mark the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. As every year, the Festival Network has expanded to include public and private organizations, which have contributed in various ways to the implementation of the program. The godfather of the 2019 Cerealia Festival was Michele Maffei, Olympic champion, president of A.M.O.V.A. (Gold Medal Association for athletic value) and academic of cuisine. In 2019 was signed the cooperation agreement between Cerealia and the A.M.O.V.A. association, which provides for the involvement each year of a gold medal athlete as godfather of the Festival. Cerealia is a festival promoted by the Cerealia Festival Network in collaboration with national and international institutions. For the third consecutive two-year period, he was awarded the EFFE LABEL reserved for the European Festivals of Excellence (2019/2020) and also in 2019 he received the Medal of the President of the Republic.


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