The Fest of Grains 2018

Past editions: The Fest of Grains 2018

“Water and earth. Environmental sustainability and social security“
Regions involved: Lazio, Calabria, Sicilia, Lombardia, Molise

Event included in the institutional calendar of the “European Year of Cultural Heritage” and of the “Year of Italian Food” promoted by the MiBACT; included in the institutional calendar of the “Italy, Culture, Mediterranean” program promoted by the Directorate General of the Country System of MAECI.

The Festival opened on June 7th at the Italian Encyclopedia in Rome. Cerealia is awarded by the EFFE LABEL – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe as European Festival of Excellence (2017/2018). The eighth edition was dedicated to the Republic of Malta on the occasion of the nomination of La Valletta as European Capital of Culture 2018. Thanks to the collaboration with Valletta 2018 Foundation and the Embassy of Malta in Italy, the event on June 9th in Rome at Off Off Theater was dedicated to the millennial history of this young republic which, due to its strategic position, hosted different cultures and, since ancient times, was a hub for trading routes in the Mediterranean. The thematic focus was on environment and landscape, on changes taking place due to climate change, on the impact of pollution both on earth, sea and lifestyles. June 10th in Sabaudia was dedicated to marine ecology and the protection of coastal environment, with the extraordinary opening of the archaeological site of Villa of Domitian and various cultural activities, as well as a workshop for journalists. The entire 2018 program of the Festival was rich and articulated, located in various places in Rome and in other Italian cities, including Palermo – Italian Capital of Culture 2018 – confirming the widespread structure of the festival, with events in anticipation of the official opening and following in Sicily and Lombardy. Cerealia collaborated with ENEA and the Academy of Sciences – XL for the “Wheats & Women International Conference” and “Carlotta Award 2018″, first edition of the prize for researchers in the field of cereals, held in Rome on June 14th and 15th. Among the opportunities of the VIII edition, festival’s stakeholders took advantage of the results of the research promoted by “Osservatorio Salute e Sicurezza” on “Food and Society” available on this site in Italian. This pilot study made it possible to acquire qualitative and quantitative data from the participants to Cerealia’s events in the regions involved, allowing valuable feedback on the needs expressed by citizens and favoring the development of a virtuous process of evaluation of the actions and activities of Cerealia’s network. As every year, the festival network included the participation of public and private organizations, which have contributed in various ways to its realization. The vademecum of the 2018 festival was dedicated to “perennial cereals” and curated by Dr. Laura Gazza(Council for agricultural research and analysis of the agricultural economy CREA-IT), in memory of prof. Norberto Pogna.


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