The Fest of Grains 2016

Past editions: The Fest of Grains 2016

"The grains: from food of peoples to sharing the table"
Location: Lazio, Calabria, Campania, Lombardia

The sixth edition of Cerealia has been dedicated to the Kingdom of Morocco. Bread was one of the strands of the festival, starting from the presentation of the bread of ancient Rome made in Pompeii, on May 28, to arrive in Rome at the Bread of Hospitality, proposed by the Roman bakers to celebrate the Jubilee. A scientific seminar, planned in Rome at the headquarters of FIDAF, addressed the issue of “agriculture and sustainability” with particular reference to the grain, trying to illustrate future scenarios of agriculture and food production to the challenge of 2050. The festival has also turned its attention to the new rurality and the role of agriculture as a way to regenerate the community; their importance for the defense of the territory and landscape. Thank you to the partnering with Gustolab International Institute for Food Studies, were realized a video documentary showing some cases of social farming and community economy in Lazio. Special features of this edition was the visit to the experimental wheat fields. In fact, thanks to the collaboration with the University of Tuscia, the University of Perugia and the Apennine Centre Terminillo “Carlo jucci”, it was possible to program several visits to the experimental fields of the Rieti Base Station. In this city it was organized a full program of activities from 9 to 13 June. Among the initiatives planned, a visit to the Granicoltura Royal Station – Nazareno Strampelli, a conference on the prospects of granicoltura. The city of Tarquinia also proposed a full program of events also open to schools, from the month of April. Activities at Tarquinia – the city adheres to Cerealia for the third consecutive year – are promoted by a network of public and private entities. Rome is certainly the driving force of the festival, and here, in four days of programming, there was a rich and varied program that has seen various cultural moments dedicated to Morocco, offering the opportunity to learn about the different aspects and the cultural soul of this great country, poised between tradition and innovation; experimenting smells and flavors. The program dedicated to Morocco included lectures, dance and music performances, poetry readings, screenings of documentaries and films, reconstructions of everyday life, with a focus on rural traditions and to women. Confirming its festival structure, Cerealia has embraced the capital, from the center to the periphery, with initiatives proposed in different places, including: the Municipal Library Collina della Pace in Finocchio District, the Geographical Society, the Auditorium of Maecenas, the Farmer market Campagna Amica at the Circus Maximus, the Domus Romana, the Capannelle Farmer market. Other initiatives were also programmed in Calabria Vibo Valentia by local Archeoclub of Italy, while in November was held a conference in Milan. Promoters of this edition of Cerealia within the cultural association M.Th.I., were the Archeoclub of Italian in Rome and the association Aisu verso Ithaca, in collaboration with Agroalimentare in rosa, the Embassy, ​​the Consulate General in Milan and the Italian community of the Kingdom of Morocco. Several technical and organizational partners and sponsoring institutions have joined the festival and they have our deepest gratitude.


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