Panella. The art of bread

Nutrition: Panella. The art of bread

Love and passion for my profession was not a “lightning strike”, it was born with me, I have it in my blood. My grandfather passed this passion to my father and my father bequeathed it to me. If I told you how since childhood I was attracted to this work, showing a strange interest in it which aroused laughter in my family, I should write a fairy tale. But, yet this is not a fairy tale. I transformed the little bakery founded at the beginning of ’900 always here in this via Merulana, which I never wanted to leave and where now overlooked the windows of my “Oven”. Here I took my first steps into the world of bread, I completed myself here, day after day I moved from here to find old recipes and learn new techniques, always looking around the world for news and confirmations. The results are tangible proof of my love for this work. And doesn’t wonder if, “Roman of Rome”, I left drag in the reading of many ancient texts with detailed descriptions of succulent feasts in use in ancient Rome. These have allowed me to prepare now very unusual and often very curious treats, but still so good and suited to the most refined palates, whose recipes I have the pleasure to offer to my friends. Another pleasure of mine was to have recovered from 1988 to 1998 the “Feast of Bread” according to a custom of ancient Rome, in which it was incorporated in 1997 the prize “Ceres 2000” crowning one among the youngest women devoted to the magical art of baking. My initiative would be a positive contribution “to women”. An invitation to young people to approach this ancient work with love, because it can promise an original, satisfying and safe future. The “Feast of Bread” counted among the many collaborations the Archeoclub of Rome and it was in particular an event of high level of culture, with the participation of prestigious artists and intellectuals, and the involvement of national and international institutions. Even so when the organizers of “Cerealia” asked me to join the project of this new Festival, bringing to new life the old spirit that had animated the “Feast of Bread“, in a richer and wider way, I joined them with interest and enthusiasm embracing this new adventure.

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