Cerealia 2021 – Lazio



18.00h-20.00h | Mediterranean Concord | Villa Falconieri, Frascati (RM)

Performance by the students of the international campus, curated by Gerardo Froylán Guzmán Ramírez with the collaboration of Paola Sarcina. – Dialogues for a new Mediterranean Humanism: prof. Luigi Miraglia (president of the Vivarium novum Academy), prof. Enrico Molinaro (president of Prospettive Mediterranee, General Secretary of RIDE). – Samaʻyāt, Arabic Music from the Mashreq, concert offered by the ISMEO, introduced by the President prof. Adriano Rossi. Performers: Elias Habib (percussion, riq, bendir, darbuka), Mustafa Sa’ad (violin, khamaja). – Guest of honor H.E. Fayiz Khouri (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Jordan in Italy), country to which the Cerealia Festival will be dedicated in 2022.

Curated by Music Theater International, Varium Novum Academy, ISMEO. Event in presence outdoors. Free participation, reservations required: cerealialudi@cerealialudi.org – cell. 350 011 9692 (also Whatsapp)



Chef Treck Jr. Italy – at the farmer’s market with chef Renato Bernardi

12.00-13.00h | Roman Biodistrict Park (Ariccia)

Food education for young people is fundamental and starts with shopping food, especially if it is sustainable and enhances local products. Chef Treck Jr.’s journey continues with chef Renato Bernardi who, by teaching young junior chefs how to shop food, also transmits them the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. – Organized by Music Theater International, in collaboration with Castelli Romani Farmer’s Market Ass., Renato Bernardi, Roma congressi and Chef Treck Jr. Los Angeles USA. – Activities are in presence and outdoors. Free participation with reservations required: cerealialudi@cerealialudi.org – cell. 350 011 9692 (also Whatsapp)



Chef Treck Jr. – Ludus Castellarium – The games of ancient Rome

16.00 – 18.00h | Roman Theater, Tuscolo Archaeological Cultural Park | Provincial road, 73b – Monte Porzio Catone

A workshop for children (7-12) to discover the games of our Roman ancestors. The Romans took from previous cultures, especially from the Greek one, the exercise of those activities with which alone or in groups, children played, for pure fu, and adults to relax from daily commitments. The game, on the model of the Greek tradition, was considered by the Romans to have an educational value: as Plato and Aristotle had taught, children by playing make contact with the society that surrounds them, they learn to respect the rules with loyalty, under penalty of exclusion from the community. – Curated by Music Theater International in collaboration with the Comunità Montana dei Castelli Romani e Prenestini, Coop Iperico Servizi per la Cultura, Roma congressi and Chef Treck Jr. Los Angeles USA. – Activities in presence and outdoors. Free participation with reservations required: Tuscolo Archaeological Cultural Park. www.tuscular.org – reservations@tuscular.org – cell. 391.42.25.048



Le Vinalia Tuscolane – tastings between wine and archeology

From 16.00h | Roman Theater, Tuscolo Archaeological Cultural Park | Provincial road, 73b Monte Porzio Catone

Two days of local wine tastings and guided tours. In the archaeological area, guided tours at sunset dedicated to crops and winemaking in ancient times with guided tastings and meetings with local producers who will illustrate the characteristics of their work directly to the participants. – Curated by Iperico Servizi per la Cultura, in collaboration with the Comunità Montana dei Castelli Romani e Prenestini and the Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en Roma-CSIC. – Activities in the open air with subscription and reservations required: Archaeological Cultural Park of Tusculum: www.tuscolo.org – reservations@tuscolo.org – cell 391.42.25.048



Dinner with Cristoforo da Messisbugo

19.00h | Orto del Pellegrino

Scenic interlude in Renaissance costume with Dino Ruggiero (Cristoforo da Messisbugo) and Paola Sarcina (Auretta): “In 1549 the volume of Cristoforo da Messisbugo Banchetti was published in Ferrara. It is not only a gastronomy manual and a treatise on craftsmanship and kitchen equipment, but also a cross-section of customs and, above all, a collection of faithful chronicles of feasts and banquets. – Curated by L’Orto del Pellegrino-Ecomuseo della terra amena, Music Theater International. Activities with subscription and reservations required: www.lortodelpellegrino.it/



We grow spelled and we reforest

11.00h | Parco Romano Biodistretto – Farmer’s Market in Rome and Castelli Romani

Workshop with La Fattoria di Poldo on emmer wheat (triticum dicoccum), testimonial on this  cultivation. Event in synergy and collaboration with Riforestiamo i Castelli Romani: Roberto Salustri and Anna Zilli (RiforestiAMO, rebuild an ecosystem, create micro-forests to conserve biodiversity). Photo exhibit by Gianna Petrucci dedicated to the Festival. With the participation of chef Cristina Todaro and her exclusive recipe ‘Farro del Bosco’ – free tasting. Organized by Slow Food Albano e Ariccia and the Farmer’s Market in Rome and Castelli Romani. Free event https://www.mercatocontadino.org/public/



The way of beer

18.00h | Orto del Pellegrino

Guided tour and tasting (adults) and didactic workshop (children). The history of beer goes hand in hand with that of cereals. But why is beer called “liquid bread”? What do mice and turtles have to do with it? And Asterix? And Sister Hildegard? A journey through time along the VIA DELLA BIRRA to discover a millenary history that begins (perhaps) in Mesopotamia and arrives (with certainty) as far as Italy. – Curated by L’Orto del Pellegrino, Ecomuseum of the pleasant earth. Activities in presence and outdoors with subscription and booking required: www.lortodelpellegrino.it/



The Villa delle Tortore and the Euro-Med Cooperation on Sustainability

9.30h | Guided technical inspection of the Villa delle Tortore – 17.00h | Seminar on the progress made for the recovery of the Villa delle Tortore in order to transform it into a Higher Education and Science Diplomacy Center (advanced training courses on sustainability, summer school, an identity restaurant to promote primary prevention through identity cooking, courses and activities related to science diplomacy to promote cultural exchange, religious dialogue, economic and social collaboration in the Mediterranean area). – Curated by Perspective Mediterranean and RIDE – Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue. Activities in the presence and outdoors, free with reservations required https://ride.mediper.eu/it/



The Quadrifoglio farmhouse and Italian vegetarian cuisine ... 20,30h | Locality Selciatella – Tarquinia (Vt) The UN has declared 2021 “International Year of Fruit and Vegetables”. Vegetarian nutrition, as an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, is rightfully included in these major issues. We propose an experiential dinner in which our menu responds to these suggestions by presenting rice, coming from various Italian regions, in the different ways in which it can be declined in the kitchen. Within the major themes of resilience and sustainability, we then expose two practices learned during the lockdown: drying as a method for storing and transforming vegetables, legumes and cereals, an alternative to vacuum packing, in oil and freezing. Drying exceeds these conservation systems, due to the lower energy expenditure and the lower health and hygiene risks (especially for the treatment of plants). Drying can give new life to the ingredients, with the creation of particular textures such as powders and earths. We then learned how to grind cereals and seeds at home with a domestic stone mill. A practice that eliminates the problems of procurement, storage and conservation of flours. | Organized by Agriturismo Quadrifoglio, in collaboration with La Lestra, ARSIAL Info and reservations: cell. 3358080415 – info@agriturismoquadrifoglio.it www.agriturismoquadrifoglio.it

TARQUINIA Wednesday 25 August (*)

Piazza, Cavour | 9.30 pm | Initial trials of the cereal supply chain for the biodistrict of the Etruscan Maremma and Monti della Tolfa, workshop by and with Dr. agr. Odoardo Basili | Event organized by Slow Food Coast of the Lazio Maremma, in collaboration with I.I.S.S. V. Cartdarelli and Biodistretto MET, with the patronage of the Municipality of Tarquinia, in partnership with DiVinoEtrusco 15th edition. Free participation



Ponza Prima-Med 3rd edition | Piazza Castello

The project supports the historical, political role and community value of the Pontine Archipelago, inspired by the Manifesto for a free and united Europe, written eighty years ago by Altiero Spinelli, at the time confined to the archipelago (Ponza 1937-1939, Ventotene 1939-1943). The third edition of the Ponza Prima-Med initiative will provide the opportunity for the launch of a scholarship on the topic Women for the construction of Europe, in collaboration with the S. Pius V Research Institute, a member of RIDE. – 17,30h | Concluding inter-religious event of the Protect the Religious Sites initiative, in collaboration with the United Nations Alliance for Civilizations (UNAOC) and the member RIDE Ismed-CNR, with the participation of experts and representatives of the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religious communities. The initiative will also be an opportunity to relaunch the results of the Safeguarding religious sites: Israeli-Palestinian contributions for safe and peaceful worship project by the member RIDE CeSPI, winner of the DGAP-MAECI tender on Israeli-Palestinian contributions for the protection of religious buildings and peaceful and safe worship activities around the world.  – 19.30h | The developments of the multi-year Identity Cuisineinitiative, promoted under the patronage of RIDE, to foster, through the search for traditional culinary balances, a dialogue between the different identities of the Mediterranean. – 20.30h | Artistic or musical event. Curated by Perspective Mediterranean and RIDE – Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue. With the patronage of the Municipality of Ponza, the Community of the Pontine Archipelago (now the Union of the Municipalities of Ponza and Ventotene) and the Lazio Region, with the collaboration of FondazionePRIMA, the Italian Secretariat of PRIMA, UpM - Free admition, by reservation https://ride.mediper.eu/it/




“Amor a cui io grido” – The Rime Petrose by Dante Alighieri and the first Canto dell’Inferno in Arabic translation by Youssef Borsali *

20,00 | Actors Paolo LorimerAziza Essalek* - Lute Peppe Frana, Oud Salvatore Morra, Tacchiolette and  frame drums Paolo Rossetti Murittu. Introduction by Luigi Miraglia, Adriano Rossi, Paola Sarcina. Event organized by M.Th.I., ISMEO and Accademia Vivarium novum. With the patronage of Comitato Dante 700. | Reservation required with green pass:  convegni@vivariumnovum.net