The Fest of Grains 2011

From June 9th to 12th 2011 has taken place in Rome and Ariccia the first edition of CEREALIA. The Grains Festival. Promoted and created by MThI and ArcheoClub d’Italia – Rome, in occasion of its 40th anniversary, the event was organized in collaboration with Iter, the Cultural Office of the Egyptian Embassy in Rome and the partners listed below. Cerealia is an event dedicated to all the grains according to the Ancient Rome’s rituals of Vestals and Ceres and in a more wide view it is extended at the Mediterranean region including all those countries which were under the Roman Empire dominion: for this the subtitle Cerere and the Mediterranean. The ancient rituals of Vestals (the Vestalia in fact took place on June 9) have been proposed in a scenic performance as the “Roman” element which will characterize each edition of the Festival. The relation with the Mediterranean gives to the Festival an international exposure, bringing value to the intercultural exchange, hosting each year a different country: the twined country of the 2011 edition was EGYPT. The festival is not only a moment of historical revocation but also of intercultural exchange, giving attention to economical and social issues, in consideration of the actual international contest related to the economy of grains. The loop of the the first edition of the event has been the Rome urban district of Esquilino: some activities in fact has taken place in the ancient Roman monument of Mecenate’s Auditorium, which ArcheoClub d’Italia of Rome and Iter received in care by the Municipality of Rome. Cerealia oped on June 9th at Mecenate’s Auditorium with an official ceremony followed by an informal conversation between the journalist  Alberto Angela and Prof. Romolo Augusto Staccioli, president of ArcheoClub d’Italia – Rome, with the title “Conversazione sul turismo degli antichi, con particolare riferimento all’Egitto dei faraoni”. Central moment of the Festival has been the congress “Nel solco di Cerere: il mondo dei cereali tra storia, economia ed ambiente” which has taken place on June 10th at the Mecenate’s Auditorium, attended by representatives of Italian and Egyptian institutions from the scientific, economic and cultural world. Cerealia has got a rich calendar of activities including didactical workshops for children, theatre performances, gastronomic walking tours, meetings and talking on the specific topics along with tasting of grain products, archaeological tours, special menu in Egyptian restaurants, art exibitions, the BrunchCeralia at Terminal Gianicolo and various other activities, also in Ariccia realized by ArcheoClub Ariccino. Many activities were free. The organizers payed special attention to the sustainability of all activities included in the Festival, to make this a low impact event. For this reason promoters invited audience and partners to follow sustainable behaviours, selecting public transportation instead of cars, paying attention to the use and final disposal of each material. We particularly thank for its collaboration Minimo Impatto.

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With the patronage of: Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali della Provincia di Roma, Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali e al Centro Storico del Comune di Roma, I Municipio del Comune di Roma, Centro Culturale Egiziano di Roma / In collaboration with: Archeoclub d’Italia-Ariccia, Caffè Letterario Aquisgrana, AIIS (Associazione Internazionale Imprenditori Stranieri), AIC (Associazione Italiana Celiachia), Basileia, Boccale d’Oro, Sotterranei di Roma, Chefts Sans Frontières, CLE delegazione romana, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, IIItt (Indo-Italian Institute for Trade & Technology), INRAN, Università Politecnica delle Marche, La Rotta dei Fenici, Libreria Archeologica, IIS Benedetto Croce, Oro Food and B, Panella l’arte del pane, Terminal Gianicolo, Prospettive Mediterranee, RomaIn / Technical partner: Minimo Impatto / Restaurants for “Il Cibo dei Faraoni”: RomAntica, Lotus del Mediterraneo, Shawarma Station / Media partner: Il Giornale del Cibo, Incontri eventi, Nur, Stile naturale, City4City, Accademia della Cultura Enogastronomica /

WE THANK: ARM – Azienda Romana Mercati (Camera di Commercio di Roma), Fondazione Latinitas Vaticana, Giuliana Caporali, Claudio Franchi, Riccardo Campagna (autore del logo/simbolo di Cerealia), Cioli Egidio s.r.l., la Cantina Marconi, Monterosso Soc. Agricola Forestale. Bunke Grafica&stampa, Penisolabella, Erboristeria della Quercia, Sciattella, Vita Romana, Optical Panzieri


ArcheoClub Roma
Letizia Staccioli artistic direction and management
Alessandra Pignotti multimedia contents
Paolo Cermelj technical coordinator
Vera Vecchiarelli management assistant
Music Theatre International – M.Th.I.
Paola Sarcina artistic direction and management
Francesca Baldini press office
Angela Palmieri production management 
Lavinia Plataroti congress secretary
Barbara Marcotulli promotion and walking tour
Silvia Bergamini graphic project