Press release Cerealia 2013

Music Theatre International – M.Th.I. , Archeoclub of Italy – Rome district, Creare e Comunicare, Città dell’Altra Economia, in collaboration with the Greek Embassy in Rome


the Third Edition of the Festival Cerealia. Cerealia Festival. The Festival of Grains. Ceres and the Mediterranean
June 6 to 9, 2013

From June 6th to the 9th 2013, “Cerealia. The Festival of Grains. Ceres and the Mediterranean” returns.  The third edition of this cultural festival – devoted to the world of grains – is organized by M.Th.I., ArcheoClub of Italy- Rome district, Creare e Comunicare, in collaboration with the Embassy of  Greece in Italy and the Città dell’Altra Economia; with the patronage of Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell’Etruria Meridionale, Regione Lazio – Cultural Office, Province of Rome, Roma Capitale - Cultural Office and Historical Center, and many other institutions. The festival is an international event, focusing especially on the Mediterranean area and, in order to enhance cultural exchange, each year Cerealia is dedicated to a different country. Previous years the featured countries were Egypt and Turkey. This year the host country is Greece with a special dedication to the Region of Crete, famous for its centuries-old culinary culture and its traditional cuisine. The delegation of the Region of Crete will present its artists  and the flavors of its typical foods. Antonio Solla, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Greece in Sardinia, will be the guest of honor at the National Archaeological Museum “G. A. Sanna”. Culture, environment, territory, society, economy, food and tourism are the themes of the festival, presented through varied activities, such as round tables, meetings, performances, food tastings, guided tours, exhibitions, workshops for children and adults and more. The festival will present many activities in different locations, such as the Valentini Palace, the National Museum Romano at the Terme of Diocleziano, the Etruscan National Museum of  Villa Giulia, the Città dell’Altra Economia at the ex Mattatoio, the beautiful location of ISMA (Istituti di S. Maria in Aquiro) at Colosseum, the Regional Park of Ancient Appia. Cerealia’s program doesn’t stop in Rome: guided tours, performances, food tasting, cultural and educational activities will also take place in Ariccia and Albano, Tarquinia, Rieti and in Sardinia … Alberto Angela will return this year as guest for the opening ceremony and we would like to mention among the speakers, Louis Godart Consultant for the Cultural Heritage of the President of Republic. Among the other special guests are: Tiziana Stefanielli MasterChef 2013, Nicholas Supiot Breton peasant baker of the network Semences Paysannes, Sara Papa, Teo Musso of Baladin, brewery of the year 2013. Many experts of culture, communication, economy and nutrition will speak in different debates and meetings, and conduct workshops. Cerealia’s promoters and partners, through a project that enhances the rediscovery of local cultural heritage, intend to safeguard the value of land and indigenous culture. In Italy, where the local economy is suffering, there is a risk of deterioration and destruction of the economic, cultural and culinary heritage that is valuable and essential for physical survival. Cerialia is more than a festival that aims at fostering sustainable choices, organic food and carbon neutral production.   Cerealia wants to rebuilt the chain of value between the farmer and the consumer’s table; reviving old customs and traditions based on respect for the earth and its bounty. The goal is to create a virtuous chain, which can contribute to a culture of shared experience for citizens, while maintaining those things that have attracted tourists to Italy for many years: the culture, landscape and gastronomy of the Italian countryside. The technical and organizational partners and sponsoring institutions that have signed up to the third edition of Cerealia are numerous. They deserve our thanks for their support and for their contribution, which is so valuable and essential to the realization of the complete program of the festival. The details of all the events on calendar are  available on the festival website. Promoters: Music Theatre International – M.Th.I., Archeoclub d’Italia sede di Roma, Creare e Comunicare, Città dell’Altra Economia – CAE, Ambasciata di Grecia in Italia

Patronages: Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell’Etruria Meridionale, Regione Lazio Assessorato alla Cultura, Provincia di Roma, Festival of Festival, FederBio, Romaincampagna, Associazione Italiana Celiachia Lazio, Fondazione Campagna Amica, RomaNatura, Italia Nostra, AIAB, Parco Regionale dell’Appia Antica
Organizational partners: associazione Casadel Cibo – Confraternita della Pasta Madre, Vita Romana, Mercato Contadino dei Castelli Romani, Condotta Slow Food Albano-Ariccia,  cultural association La Lestra, ArcheoClub d’Italia of Altamura, Gal Terre di Murgia, Tabularasa, Region of Crete
Technical partners: Minimo Impatto, H-eart, Alfonso Troiano – Il Dolce di Cicerone, ISMA – Istituti di S. Maria in Aquiro, Prisma Store, Maria Salemme, Agroalimentare in Rosa, Panedieri – Associazione Pani Tradizionali, Ristorante Akropolis – Associazione Ristoranti Greci in Italia, Na-Biretta
Media partners: Nur, Italia a Tavola, CARE – Envinet, StileNaturale, SlowTourism, Il Turismo Culturale
Sponsors / supporters: BCC Roma, Panella l’arte del pane, Quantum Leap
Collaborations: Castrum Legionis, RomaIn, Associazione Ristoranti a Km0, Osteria Mangiafuoco Km0
Twin organizations: GreenFestival, Museo della Civiltà Contadina e dell’Ulivo di Pastena (FR), Rotta dei Fenici
Press office and contactCreare e Comunicare, Press office manager Stefano Bernardini