Waiting for Cerealia 2012

Waiting for Cerealia
12-19 April 2012
On the occasion of the dates related to the ancient rites of the Roman Ludi of Ceres (12-19 April), some events will be held in Rome in anticipation of “Cerealia. The Fest of Cereals. Ceres and the Mediterranean “, the cultural festival dedicated to the world of cerealS promoted by M.Th.I., Archeoclub of Rome and Ariccia, Nur Editions. Waiting for Cerealia provides scheduled dinners with themed menus and entertainment, guided tours, beer tasting. It starts April 12 with “Dinner with Apicius,” a menu with Roman performance at the restaurant Luce44;  April 14 and 15 follows “bread and circuses“, an archaeological tour by Archeoclub of Rome between the Colosseum Valley , Capitol Hill, the Aventine and the Circus Maximus; April 18 beer tasting at the literary cafe Aquisgrana, and finally April 19 at the restaurant Osteria Le Commari ”Alla Romana”, an evening dedicated to the traditional Roman cuisine with a reading of some recipes in verse of Aldo Fabrizi. Menus of the dinners are strictly Km 0, in line with the sustainable design of Cerealia. The second edition of the Festival, which sees the auspices of the Culture and Tourism  Departments of Lazio Region, the Culture  Dep. of the Province of Rome and the Cultural Dep. of Rome Municipality, will have however, like last year, as the fulcrum of activities dates tied to the rites of Vesta (6-7-8-9-10 June 2012.) Culture, environment, territory, society, economy, nutrition, are the issues addressed by the Festival, through activities such as panel discussions, performances, food tasting, gastronomic tours, guided tours, exhibitions, workshops, etc. .. Cerealia is an international event with a special focus on the Mediterranean, in fact, in order to enhance cultural exchanges, each year the festival is dedicated to a different country: in 2012 the country of the Mediterranean is TURKEY. Many organizations, local and national, have already joined the Festival, including: RomaNatura ARSIAL, INRAN, Fondazione Campagna Amica, Romaincampagna, Our Italy, National Association of Archaeologists, AISEC, Tiber Institute, National Association of Celiac Disease, VitaRomana, BabyCampus Ed, etc.. Cerealia is intended not only as a moment of historical commemoration, but also of cultural exchange, thereby tackling issues such us economic and social development. In fact, the festival aims, through a project that enhances the rediscovery of the culture of the territories, safeguard the value of land and indigenous cultures, which particularly in Italy are suffering in terms of local economy, leading to a dangerous deterioration of the territories also, with the risk of destroying an economical, cultural and food valued fundamental to our existence. Cerealia wants to reconstruct the chain of value in the production area and the consumer’s table, even reviving old customs and traditions, based on respect for the earth and its fruits. Cerealia is not just food, because today cereals, as well as in human and animal nutrition, have also a variety of uses in cosmetics and personal care, apparel, products for the home and the care of children, energy. The general program of Cerealia 2012 edition will be available on the festival site by the end of April 2012 Press office Francesca Baldini 333-3793036 promozione@mthi.it