Press release Cerealia 2012

In the wake of Ceres: cereals between culture, food, economy and the environment
From 6 to 11 June 2012

Press release Cerealia 2012

THEME: 'In the Wake of Ceres: cereals between culture, food, economy and environment'

From June 6th to the 11th the second annual, Cerealia. The Festival of Grains. Ceres and the Mediterranean returns. The cultural festival is devoted to the world of grains and organized by M.Th.I., ArcheoClub of Italy- Rome / Ariccia sections, the publisher Nur, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Italy and the Cultural and Information Office of the Turkish Embassy. The second edition of the festival is sponsored by MIBAC, Ministry of Economical Development, the Cultural-Art-Sport Department of the Lazio Region, the Tourism-Marketing office of the “Made in Lazio” Department of the Lazio Region, the Cultural Policies Department of Province of Rome and the Cultural Policies and Historical Center Department of the Municipality of Rome. The festival is an international event with a special focus on the Mediterranean. In order to enhance cultural exchange, each year Cerealia is dedicated to a different country. Last year the featured country was Egypt, this year is Turkey. Culture, environment, territory, society, economy, food and tourism are the themes of the festival, presented through varied activities, such as round tables, meetings, performances, food tastings, guided tours, exhibitions, workshops for children and adults and more. For the second year Cerealia welcomes back as a featured guest, Alberto Angela, who together with Prof. Romolo Augusto Staccioli, president of the Archeoclub of Rome, will speak about the historical and cultural heritage between Rome and Turkey. This event will take place on occasion of the festival’s opening, scheduled at Palazzo Massimo-National Roman Museum on June 6th, followed by the staged re-enactment of the “Rite of the Vestals simulated bakery”, which traditionally took place in these days in June. The festival will then present many activities in different locations, such as the Cultural and Information Office of the Turkish Embassy, the Enoteca Regionale Palatium, the Auditorium of Mecenate, the Farmer’s Market at Circo Massimo; the Appia Antica Regional Park, the Castrum Legionis in the Natural Park of Decima, the Istituto Tevere … But Cerealia’s program doesn’t stop in Rome: guided tours, performances, food tasting and educational activities will also take place in Ariccia and Albano, promoted by the Archeoclub of Italy- Aricino-Nemorense, while other activities are planned in Lazio and Sardegna.

Cerealia’s promoters and partners, through a project that enhances the rediscovery of local cultural heritage, intend to safeguard the value of land and indigenous culture. In Italy, where the local economy is suffering, there is a risk of deterioration and destruction of the economic, cultural and culinary heritage that is valuable and essential for physical survival. Cerialia is more than a festival that aims at fostering sustainable choices, organic food and carbon neutral production. Cerealia wants to rebuilt the chain of value between the farmer and the consumer’s table; reviving old. customs and traditions based on respect for the earth and its bounty. The goal is to create a virtuous chain, which can contribute to a culture of shared experience for citizens, while maintaining those things that have attracted tourists to Italy for many years: the culture, landscape and gastronomy of the Italian countryside.

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