Press release Cerealia 2011

The Fest of Cereals. Ceres and the Mediterranean Rome and Ariccia, 9-10-11-12 June 2011

Press release Cerealia 2011

THEME ‘Nel solco di Cerere: il mondo dei cereali tra storia, economia e ambiente’

From 9th to 12th June 2011 will be held in Rome and Ariccia, the first edition of Cerealia. The Feast of Cereals. Promoted and designed dall’ArcheoClub of Rome, on the occasion of his 40 years in business, the event is organized in collaboration with associations M.Th.I. and ITER, the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Egypt and other partners listed below, under the patronage of the Province of Rome Department of Cultural Affairs, Rome Capital Department of Cultural and Historical Center, Rome First Municipality.

Cerealia is an event dedicated to all grains as in fact happened in the ancient rituals of the Vestal Virgins, and in a broader vision, it is expanded to countries around the Mediterranean, already part of the Roman Empire, hence Ceres and the Mediterranean. The ancient rituals of the Vestal Virgins (Vestalia had the proper place on June 9th) are recalled in scenic form and provided as the “Roman” element that characterize each edition of the festival. The connection with the Mediterranean gives the event an international feel, enhancing the intercultural exchange and devoting so every year the festival to a different country: in 2011 the country is twinned EGYPT. The event will not only be a moment of historical commemoration, but also of cultural exchange, thereby tackling issues of economic and social context into account the current world grain bound economy. The fulcrum of the first edition is the urban area of ​​the Esquiline in Rome: in fact, some activities are held at the Auditorium of Maecenas, archaeologic side assigned by City of Rome to ArcheoClub of Rome in collaboration with the cultural association Iter. Cerealia opens June 9 at 18:00 at the Auditorium of Maecenas, with a conversation between the journalist Alberto Angela and prof. Romulo Augusto Staccioli, president Archeoclub in Rome entitled “Conversation on tourism of the ancients, with particular reference to Egypt of the Pharaohs “. The highlight of the festival will be then conference scheduled June 10 at the Auditorium of Maecenas always titled “In the Wake of Ceres, the grain between the world of history, economy and environment” in which will partecipate representatives of the scientific, economic and cultural Italian and Egyptian institutions. The event also provides a rich program: workshops for children, entertainment, culinary walking tours, meetings and conversations accompanied by themed tastings, guided tours of archaeological sites related to the location of grain and cereals in ancient Rome, exhibitions, themed menus in Egyptian restaurants, the BrunchCeralia at Terminal Janiculum and various initiatives organized by ArcheoClub Ariccino. Many activities are free entry. The commitment is also to provide a sustainable, low-impact project. So for all activities and public partners will be invited to follow sustainable behavior, both in the choice of means of transport, both in attention to the choice and use of materials and their recycling or final recovery. For this we thank you for your cooperation Minimo Impatto.

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