Food and Sustainability

We are what we eat and we can say that societies and cultures have always modeled themselves on food and nutrition. Human relationships, love, closeness, solidarity are born in the name of food.

The civilizations of the Mediterranean are daughters of bread and olives, donated by Athena. We therefore try to enhance the ancient flavors and genuine products, re-discovering traditional Mediterranean dishes and foods; we want to acieve to less hasty, but deeper relationships; we act to propose, starting from our common past, a different way of building and looking to our future. The commitment is also to create a sustainable and low-impact project. So already the first edition of the Cerealia Festival was recognized by the Province of Rome among the EcoFeste 2011.


We also want to invest more and more energy in this direction, paying particular attention to the production and organizational chain and in particular, also through promotional activities, to encourage the public to behave and make life choices that are as sustainable as possible.


Our commitment is to create a sustainable and low impact event. So for all the activities planned during Cerealia Festival partners, staff and participants are invited to follow sustainable behavior, both in the choice of means of transport, than in the attention to the choice and use of materials and their recycling, recovery or final disposal.

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