Why to sponsor Cerealia…


- is a unique occasion for generating awareness of your brand, recruit & build affinity through the following:
- Event sponsorships
- Event sampling
- On-site branding
- Event specific communications

- Engage with your target audience in a unique, impactful, interactive and fun manner, and yet informative contexts in an unrivalled platform

- offers the potential to reach a large domestic audience trough the mainstream communication services.

Is an occasion to promote your brand through the festival’s extensive media and communications plan & event specific media partnerships (- Images of the festival are broadcast and published around the globe trough the web 2.0 channels.

- Capitalize on the festival’s extensive media and communications plan.

- Leverage the PR opportunities the festival events generate and deliver.

- Align your brand with the positive “Cultural and Green” message that the festival embodies.

- Utilize the unique sampling opportunities available on site throughout the day, with an audience.

- Drive loyalty through positive association with the festival’s credentials.

- enjoy and offer your guests a memorable and out of the ordinary hospitality experience.