The benefit of the network

The network offers opportunities for cooperation with its partners and affiliates, beyond the event. It offers a standard work decided by the partners by mutual agreement and, above all, provides a multiplier and communicative projecting impossible to reproduce by other means. The work on the territory of the various partners is necessarily close to the public and the media and is a tool for dissemination and promotion of Cerealia absolutely essential.

The network amplifies the effects of the promotional message to the participants and the public potentially affected, transforming the event into a moment of dialogue and encounter, in a series of opportunities at various levels to citizens, cultural workers, businesses, public institutions.

The confrontation and dialogue aimed at cooperation between the partners, are the other basic elements of the network: the single events of the Festival Cerealia and activities become such steps of a designed partecipated process, which includes different topics and offers the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of each territory and operating area.

The main added value is just that: a confrontation in a national and international perspective of each one ideas and practices, even more essential to plan projects with a dimension projected in the future.