Opportunities for partners and sponsors

How to join / collaborate with Cerealia:

  • organizing partner (organizations wishing to propose initiatives to be carried out on their own or in collaboration with the organizers of the festival, both in Rome and/or in other Italian cities, adhering to the organizational network in accordance with the format of the festival) Applications to join as a organizing partner to the 9th edition of Cerealia can be sent and will be accepted by March 31, 2019. – download the format of participation.
  • technical partner (exchange goods and / or services)
  • media partner (traditional media, web 2.0)
  • scientific partner (organizations that want to support the organization of the festival in terms of contributions to cultural and / or scientific disciplines covered by the festival: es. speaker at round tables, detailed text for Cerealia’s website, reporting specific studies and research, etc.).
  • sponsors / supporters (organizations interested in supporting the festival in exchange of visibility of their brand, co-marketing activities, benefits, promotions, etc.).
  • patronage (public institutions and / or private organizations, national and international)
  • twinning (other festivals, events and similar project, national and international)
Each territory (City, Province, Region …) and / or organization, public or private, can actively participate in the Festival to celebrate, also at local level, the world of cereals and related activities.Following the format of the festival, you can propose a range of initiatives and events in various fields of culture, history, typical products, wine and food, trade, nutrition education, socio-cultural interchange and folk, able to focus the attention of a diverse audience on cereals, which since ancient times, are part of everyday human life, now more than ever with a central and diverse role.

SPONSORS OPPORTUNITIESFarms, processors and food companies, small and large retail trade, catering, business-related unusual sectors  - such as cosmetics, clothing, distillation, ecology – could present theirself to the public, offering their own history and activities, which will be linked to cultural and scientific seminars, in moments of entertainment and gastronomy.